A Beginners Guide to Enduro Racing

  What to bring:

  • Enduro bike with headlight, tail light, license plate and quiet exhaust  (96 dB)
  • Odometer
  • Route sheet holder
  • Watch
  • Gas can(s)
  • Water & snacks
  • Entry fee
  • AMA card

Restart Format: A restart enduro consists of test and transfers. Riders will be timed in the tests and ride transfers to move from one test to the     next. Arrival at the test site should coincide with the time specified on your route sheet based on your row assignment. You can arrive at the test early and you will be started on your minute. At each test you will check in and then continue to race as fast as possible until the end of the test where you will be checked out and timed. You then ride a transfer section to the next test site and repeat.

Key Time: This is the official start time of the enduro. The schedule is set based on this time. If you are on Row 1 set your watch 1 minute behind the key time. If the key time is 10:00 and you are on Row 20 set your watch 20 minutes slow so that it shows 10:00 at the start of your row.

Route Sheet: A route sheet is the guide to the race. Each turn will be marked with the mileage and time you should be there.  It will also     indicate when and where you should reset your mileage.

Your Day:

  1. We have two options for signing up. The registration table at the event accepts cash, checks and credit cards.  An easier option is to pre-register by clicking on the pre-registration link in the ERO flyer located on the front page of our website. This will direct you to LiveLaps where you can create a profile and fill out our pre-entry forms. Pre-entry speeds up your sign-in time and allows riding buddies to be on the same row.
  2. Arrive 2 plus hours before key time and take your bike to tech inspection. Having a headlight, tail light, license plate mounted on the rear fender and a quiet exhaust make tech inspection a breeze.
  3. Take your tech release, entry fee and AMA card to the sign-up table where you will sign the insurance waiver and get your row number decal and route sheet.
  4. The master clock is located at the sign-up desk. Set your watch back the number of minutes to match your row number. Tape your route sheet to the card holder and place your assigned row number on the bikes number plate.
  5. Give your gas can and snacks/drinks to your gas crew. The club also provides a trailer to transport cans to the gas stop. Gear up and ride to the start.
  6. At the starting line when it is time for your row to start you will be waved off. Follow the arrows and your route card to the 1st test section. When your row comes up you go as fast as you can to the end of the test. You will be slowed down at the end to go through the check where you will be scored. There will be a reset to get you back on time, then you ride to the next test and do it all over again. The race concludes back at the start.
  7. If you have a problem on the trail stay with your bike, the sweep crew will find you.                                     



 .                                   BE CAREFUL ON PUBLIC ROADS AND OBEY LOCAL TRAFFIC LAWS

                                           Have fun and welcome to some of the best riding in the country!