Enduro Riders of Ohio is a nonprofit enduro motorcycle club based in southeast Ohio.  We support the local community by donating to charities including  Vinton County food bank,  churches, 4-H clubs, senior citizens associations and high school scholarships.

                  ERO is an  American Motorcycle Association  chartered club since 1947 hosting enduros and dual sports in southeast Ohio. 






A critical component of our organization is the support provided by volunteers who help with the preparation for the race. Needed are off-road motorcycle enthusiasts who can help layout trails, clear brush, hang/remove arrows and assist at check-in tables. 

For more information on volunteer opportunities: contact us


Enduro Riders of Ohio is pleased to announce that it has named Dan Bowles as it's new President.

Dan, a retired Army and Marine Corp veteran, lives in Wilkesville, Ohio with his wife Melissa and two stepchildren.

ERO welcomes Dan and is grateful for his commitment to the organization.

            April 14             ART MITCHELL MEMORIAL ENDURO      Chillicothe Enduro Riders 
            June 2                LUMBERJACK 100 ENDURO      Ohio Valley Trail Riders 
            June 2                HVMC ADVENTURE RIDE          Hocking Valley Motorcycle Club           
            June 8                MUDDOBBERS FAMILY ENDURO      Muddobbers Motorcycle Club
            June 15              MILK RUN FAMILY ENDURO        Athens Motorcycle Club
            June 16              MILK RUN ENDURO       Athens Motorcycle Club
            June 22-23         BABY BURR DUAL SPORT     Enduro Riders of Ohio
            June 30              LITTLE RACCOON CLASSIC ENDURO (National)       Appalachian Dirt Riders
            July 14               RUSH CREEK INAUGURAL ENDURO       Rush Creek Woods Riders
            July 21               LITTLE BURR ENDURO    Enduro Riders of Ohio
            Aug. 3                GRASSY FAMILY ENDURO       Ohio Woods Riders
            Aug. 3-4            COPPERHEAD NATIONAL DUAL SPORT   Hocking Valley Motorcycle Club
            Aug. 11              GRASSMAN ENDURO (National)       Ohio Woods Riders
            Sept. 7                FALLEN TIMBERS FAMILY ENDURO      Toledo Trail Riders
            Sept. 21              LITTLE TOMAHAWK FAMILY ENDURO      Treaty City Motorcycle Club
            Oct. 6                 COVERED BRIDGE ENDURO     Muddobbers Motorcycle Club
            Oct. 12-13          TCMC ADVENTURE RALLY       Treaty City Motorcycle Club
            Oct. 12               JAKE-TOM FAMILY ENDURO       Hocking Valley Motorcycle Club
            Oct. 19               LITTLE BURR FAMILY ENDURO       Enduro Riders of Ohio
            Nov 10               PEACE PIPE ENDURO       Treaty City Motorcycle Club
                                    Please check with host organization or Aces Races for updates/cancellations

         Four wheels move your body........two wheels move your soul 

Enduro Riders of Ohio

740.508.2547   Dan Bowles

740.517.1815   Brandon Mullins

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